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WCFradio, WCF radio, WCF, Westside Christian Fellowship, Christian Radio Ridgecrest, Christian Radio Bishop, Christian Radio California, Westside Christian Fellowship Radio
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91.9 FM transmits to Ridgecrest, California City, Palmdale, Lancaster, and nearby communities. to south of Lone Pine on the 14/395. It also extends eastward to Phelan near Victorville and Four Corners (Kramer Junction), covering much of the 58 freeway going east and west from the 14. It currently retransmits on 93.9 FM toward Lake Isabella in Kern County.


88.5 FM transmits from Lone Pine to the June Lake Junction on 395 freeway and covers Mammoth Lakes and other Eastern Sierra towns. It currently retransmits on 105.9 FM that covers a radius around Tonopah, Nevada. The 4 call letters are KWTW [Bishop], KWTD [Ridgecrest], K290AO [Tonopah NV], and K239AZ [Lake Isabella].